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IODP Expedition 386

Japan Trench Paleoseismology

Expedition summary

Sites: M0081 – M0095

Offshore: 13 April 2021 – 1 June 2021

Onshore: 14 February – 15 March 2022

Personal Sampling Party (PSP): 15 – 30 November 2022

Port: Departure from Yokosuka; mid cruise Port Call, Hachinohe; return to Yokosuka

Co-Chief Scientists: Michael Strasser and Ken Ikehara

Expedition Project Manager: Jeremy Everest

Petrophysics Staff Scientist: Katharina Hochmuth

MSP Outreach Officers: Ulrike Prange

Drillships: Offshore R/V Kaimei; Onshore Science Party D/V Chikyu

End of moratorium: 30 November 2023

Post-cruise meeting: Anchorage, Alaska, July 2024

Official Expedition Website: www.ecord.org/expedition386/

Official IODP Proceedings Report: IODP Proceedings Volume 386

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